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  • Lean Start-Up as a Strategy for the Development and Management of Dynamic Entrepreneurships

    In recent years, several methodologies have emerged for the development and management of enterprises and new enterprises. One of the methodologies with the greatest impact in the global entrepreneurial community in the creation of the launch, developed by Erick Ries in 2008. This is based on the principles of scientific method and artistic creation. In this scenario, the objective of the present investigation is to analyze the methodology of Lean Initiation as a process of management and development of enterprises, mainly states as dynamic. In addition, a brief comparative analysis with other similar methodologies will be carried out in such a way that it is possible to objectively justify the use of this method.

  • Balances and Alternatives

  • Identificatión of influential User in Facebook

    Social networks are a mode of internet users to communicate and share information. From the area of marketing there is an interest in identifying individuals who may have influence to promote products or services. The purpose of this research work is to present a method on how to identify influential users of Facebook Fan Page. The proposal is based on the works of Khobzi y Teimourpour (2015) and Weng y Lento (2014) and takes into account pragmatic issues derived from data Access restrictions. A real case is described. The results allow identifying user segments and the interest of different topics. This research is relevant to Fan Page managers and to the marketing area of organisations with social media presence.

  • Importance of Innovation for European SMEs: Perception of Experts

    This study is about innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises and is based on data collected from innovation experts based in the European Union with extensive knowledge of this target audience in that economic block. By means of variables constructed from the seven rules of innovation (Davila et al., 2006), the study measured the expert’s opinion on the relevance that SMEs attribute to the factors that lead to innovation, according to the degree of development of their countries. Conversely to the formulated hypothesis, SMEs from less developed countries seem more aware of the benefits that innovation can bring to their businesses.

  • Establishment of Agile Teams for Software Development: Review of Literature

    This review article aims to analyze one of the most important elements in the software industry: the conformation of self-managed work teams and the implementation of a planning, control and development methodology of software project. For that, a literature review was made, researching journal articles, graduation projects and books, among others, to know the software industry generalities worldwide, as well as the situation in Colombia, the conformation of self-managed work teams and the agile methodologies features for planning, executing and controlling development projects. The self-managed teams’ conformation eases communication and knowledge sharing, essential elements inside the software development industry since they allow the generation of an appropriate answer in front of th...

  • Brand Management of SMS: Floriculture Sector of Sabana Centro Region

    This research project aims to identify the processes of brand management in SMEs in the floriculture sector, center of the savannah region in Colombia understanding the importance of this sector with 79% of hectares planted with flowers and representing 3% of the domestic exports (DANE, 2010), this research focuses on brand management, activities and processes as corporate image, positioning, recording and brand architecture that will set the action variables in terms of management, starting from the literature review supported on a methodological process consists of a descriptive correlational design that allows us to find six dimensions that will be the starting point for managing an SME want to consolidate your brand.

  • Entrepreneurs with High Expectations of Growth and Economic Growth

    This article explains the impact of entrepreneurs’ expectations on countries economic growth, considering the public policies that foster the development. Using data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the World Economic Forum a descriptive analysis is done, then with the application of ordinary least squares (OLS) the effects are explained by groups of countries: efficiency-driven and innovation-driven. Ultimately in innovation-driven countries is clear the relationship between expectations of entrepreneurs and economic growth, while, with some exceptions, in efficiency-driven countries public policy should be focused on break the barrier that halt the momentum of entrepreneurs with high expectations.

  • Value at Risk Using Smoothing Techniques: A Proposal in the Foreign Exchange Market

    One of the main problems that are exposed companies and financial institutions in Mexico is the volatility in the exchange rate Peso/Dollar when operating or in the valuation of financial assets. This article analyzes and compares the behavior of value at risk [VAR] under three different methodologies: historical simulation, Monte Carlo Simulation and straightening. An application to the exchange rate in periods of Precrisis, Postcrisis and economic crisis of 2008 is performed to look at the implications of the VAR calculation. We conclude that the straightening VAR methodology is more accurate.

  • Analysis of the Colombian Medical Tourism Industry from a Systemic Competitiveness Approach

    This research article analyzes the role of the central government of Colombia in the strategy for the improvement of the medical tourism industry through a critical approach of the traditional model of competitiveness. Based on a mixed method, the feasibility of the associative systemic competitiveness model and its effectiveness on the quality of medical services offered to foreign patients is determined. The proposal for the implementation of systemic competitiveness model improves the perception of quality of medical services by foreign patients. To implement the proposed model, it is recommended the expansion of free taxation zones, the proliferation of medical service clusters and the strengthening of strategic alliances with international operators.

  • Economic Impact of the Museum Tourism in the Barcelona City

    The city of Barcelona has become a prime tourist destination thanks to good planning initiated following the Olympic Games in 1992. The Barcelona brand has been consolidating through characteristics such as an important cultural heritage, a situation favorable climatic and significant in the field of fairs and congresses, differentiating it from the rest of the competition both domestic and international investment. One of the points that has been boosted lately has been the cultural tourism, but this is based on the extensive cultural heritage of Barcelona and not in the museum infrastructures. The aim of this study is to provide information on the economic contribution posed by museums to total tourism revenue. From the information provided by the Government of Catalonia, the museums ...

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