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  • Inclusive and non-corrupt globalization

  • Article 1: Innovation in the Colombian manufacturing industry 2013-2014

    The aim of this document is to determine whether public instruments (subsidies and tax deductions) applied by Colombian Government during the period 2013-2014, contributed to create innovations (output additionality effect) or they just stimulated the absorption of innovations in the domestic or international market by firms in the manufacturing sector. For this purpose, the author employed a sample of 2057 companies from Encuesta de Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica (EDIT VII) for estimating a negative binomial regression model. The fitted model evidences a positives relation between receiving tax incentives and innovating in goods and services for the international market. Likewise, receiving subsidies has a positive correlation regarding to innovate in the company. Finally, althoug...

  • Article 2: Objectives and operational strategic decisions as support for lean manufacturing

    The aim of this research consisted to identify coordination mechanisms among lean manufacturing tools and corporate operations strategy. The study was carried out in seven companies of the textile sector located in the Valle del Aburrá, Colombia. A case study methodology was used. The methodology was based on a quantitative approach and a descriptive - correlational scope. Among the main results, it was found that the delivery objective and the strategic decision of capacity are the main drivers for improving the bottom line. The operational profit improves because of the incorporation of the lean philosophy in daily organization activities. In organizations where the implementation of lean manufacturing is still limited, capacity and delivery must be strengthened from the corporate str...

  • Article 3: Productivity and its factors: impact on organizational improvement

    This article is a reflection on the productivity in organizational processes, was prepared on the basis of the research of secondary sources associated with articles in indexed journals and the contributions made by the authors from their academic and professional experience. It analyzes the meaning and the components of the productivity, identified what are the internal and external factors that determine the levels of productivity in the organizations, then, highlights the role played by the human resource in the scope of the proposed goals and objectives at the corporate level, and its relationship with other important aspects of the company as are the costs and quality management. It also analyzes the impact of the quality management systems in the productivity of organizations. It ...

  • Article 4: The management of supply chains in Cienfuegos

    This research studies managers' perceptions about the relationship of key factors in supply chain management and company performance through the development of a set of structural equation models. The data obtained from the opinion of the administrative staff of different companies in the corporate sector in Cienfuegos. For this purpose, a survey designed that measures the customer service, integration and collaboration approach as key success factors in supply chain performance. The results show that the majority of respondents do not perceive the importance of collaboration to improve results in their companies; however, they note the relevance of the customer focus in the management of their organizations.

  • Article 5: Organizational diversity in the fusion process of a financial institution

    In this research, we addressed the meeting of cultures, with the aim of exploring the relationship of symbolic in a financial institution, then the process of acquiring another institution. The theoretical approach is used to analyze the perspective of Elias and Scotson (1994) on the processes of stigmatization of foreign social groups as a crucial factor in understanding the relationship of symbolic, the concept of Robert Park on marginal man and the concept of Turner on liminality. As a result, we show that members of the acquired company are seen as those who threaten the established culture.

  • Article 6: Organizational retaliation, justice perception and satisfaction with work: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil

    The overall objective of the research was to investigate the relationship between perceptions of organizational retaliation, organizational justice and job satisfaction of employees of the Pharmacies Network in Ceará. The research was quantitative, covering a sample of 138 respondents. The multiple linear regression using stepwise method, and analysis of non-hierarchical clustering was applied. The research instrument used was composed of the following validated scales: Perception scale of distributive and procedural justice of Gomide Junior and Matias Siqueira (2008); Satisfaction Scale at Work (EST) of Matias Siqueira (2008); and Perception scale and judgment of organizational retaliation, of Mendonça et al. (2004). Among the results, the cluster analysis revealed a portion of employ...

  • Article 7: Self-organized structures, control hierarchy and information processing agility

    The hierarchical structure has been dominant in the business context because of the ease with which it exercises control and reduces the risks of the limited rationality of the individual. However, the precariousness of these structures in the processing of information has been evidenced, and by extension the difficulty to adapt to the change. These difficulties can lead organizations to business failure and chain effects that arise from it, for these reasons it is necessary to find alternative structural ways to overcome these problems. In this research, a literature review is made of the way in which the organizational structure is related to the performance of organizations from different theoretical perspectives. Subsequently, the failures of hierarchical control structures are iden...

  • Article 8: Budgetary deficit and inflation: case the Pacific Alliance

    The economic global and regional crises have been occurring with greater frequency and duration, leading to economic policy makers see the need to finance budget deficits not only through internal and external financing, but through the issuance primary money, putting at risk inflation. In the specific case of the Pacific Alliance, the group's main objective is to stimulate growth and economic development of the countries of the region. In this regard and considering that the four countries of the Pacific Alliance have significant fiscal deficits, it is pertinent to establish whether inflation is affected by the ways in which governments are funding these budget deficits. The methodology used was the estimation of an econometric model with standardized variables for each of the four cou...

  • Article 9: Enterprise culture and managers' motivation in a textile industry

    This article aims at analyzing the organizational culture in a major textile industry from Brazil and tends to study the way through which this structure can become a motivational tool for the decision makers. From a qualitative research, this investigation is characterized as a case study, whose data were collected through interviews composed of predefined questions and which were applied in writing and in an articulated way. The technique used in the interview was that of focus group, and the collected data were analyzed through text transcription, voice recording and the establishment of an analytical matrix. The results showed the existence of an integrated and shared organizational culture, besides being a motivational tool relevant to the actions of the decision makers’ intermedia...

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