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  • Impact of microfinance on the local microbusiness

    Although microfinance programs were born with the specific objective of reducing poverty, currently they attend to small entrepreneurs who have limited access to traditional finance, but are not necessarily poor. These small entrepreneurs are key agents of any territory due to their capacity to create jobs, incomes and to strengthen the local entrepreneurship structure. Many studies have tried to measure the impact of microfinance programs. Preliminary results suggest that microfinance programs could be an effective instrument of local development. However, more studies have to be conducted to support this hypothesis. The objective of this work is to evaluate the impact of a microfinance program that provides microcredit on the income of microentrepreneurs in the Araucanía Region in Chile. A non-experimental, cross-sectional study with a control group was carried out using the matched comparison method, using the propensity score technique. The results suggest the existence of a plausible association between participating in a microfinance program and higher incomes in local microentrepreneurs.

  • Stock returns and liquidity risk in Chile

    This study analyzes the impact of liquidity risk on the return of shares in the Chilean stock market during the period from January 2000 to July 2018. Many studies have focused on measuring this effect in developed markets and few in emerging markets, especially the Chilean one. To do this, we used 6 risk measures in a multiple regression model; four widely used in previous studies and two new proposed measures. We found evidence of the significance of the liquidity risk over the stock return.

  • Work-family culture, work-family balance and perceived performance

    The present study analyzes the relationship between Culture work-family, work-family balance and perceived performance of the workers of a retail company in the Metropolitan Region, based in the Model of Healthy and Resilient Organizations. A quantitative analysis to workers, to whom the Questionnaire of Interaction Work-Family (SWING), the Questionnaire of Work-family culture and the In-role and Extra-role Performance Scale. He concludes the existence of a significant interdependent relationship positive among the variables, however, is low for the variable Perceived Performance.

  • Bibliometric analysis of dividend policy research

    Bibliometrics focuses mainly on the scientific literature analysis in a quantitative way, both in production and consumption, as it can be used as a source of detailed and systematized information of the scientific production in a discipline. The objective of this article is to use bibliometric indicators to provide a scientific production analysis about dividend policy focusing on key aspects in its analysis: scientific journals, articles, institutions, authors and the most influential countries. The sample covers the period from 1975 to 2016.

  • Technical efficiency of the chilean AFP

    The research analyzes the degree of technical efficiency of the pension fund managers of Chile (AFP), through the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA CCR-O), efficiency measurement technique that studies the performance of productive units under a treatment multidimensional non-parametric variable. The model proposed in the study considers as inputs personnel expenses and investment in fixed assets; and as income the commission income. The results show that the average efficiency of the entities for the years 2011-2017 was 68% and that only the AFP Model presented the maximum efficiency for the period analyzed. It is concluded that the allocation of resources destined to the administration of pension funds is susceptible to be improved about the estimated technical efficiency.

  • Succession, performance and management capacity in family companies

    This study analyzes the perceptions of the owners and/or managers of family businesses in the Ñuble territory of Chile, according to the dimensions of succession, performance and managerial capacity. Methodologically, hierarchical conglomerate analysis was used, obtaining a Cronbach alpha of 0.789. Three generations stand out: first (47.6%), second (38.1%) and third (14.3%), where the managerial capacity is determinant in the sustainability. There are problems in the succession for lack of planning of the process and the potential successors do not wish to continue with the company given their interests and levels of professionalization. Future performance is related to emotional capital and the degree of innovation.

  • Airport competition, general framework of analysis

    Research article. Over the past 25 years the aviation market liberalization has been one of the factors driving the changing business environment in which airports operate today. These are beginning to stop being natural monopolies and are already competing with their market power being threatened. The factors driving airport competition are: greater freedom and flexibility of airlines to decide where their fleet operates, and their ability to change base of operations; more and better options for passengers to plan and decide where to start and finish their trips / tours; privatization of airports; and the entry into the market of new airports. This review article analyzes, through these factors, and from a general framework, the characteristics of airport competition today

  • Firefighters Brand Personality: A Model Proposal

    The objective of this research is to apply the brand personality theory, and with this identify and study the personality traits that citizens assign to the Chilean Fire Companies. Through a comprehensive literature review and the application of semi-structured questionnaires, in-depth interviews and focus groups, a theoretical model of brand personality of the firemen is proposed. All these procedures comply with the requirements of content validity. It is obtained, as a result, the “Firefighter Brand Personality model (FFBP)”, which has adequate levels of content validity, is multidimensional in nature, of reflexive type and second order, and is composed of the dimensions: a) competence; b) exciting; c) social; d) sincerity; e) helpful; and f) generosity

  • Coopetencia, interaction of two antagonist relations

    Businesses are developed in highly dynamic environments, so companies seek access to resources that allow them to cope with variations. One of these strategies is cooperation in which companies cooperate and compete towards a common goal. In the cooperative, companies that compete and cooperate looking for a common goal. Through sharing (cooperation) the resources create value, the appropriation of this value is derived from the various interests (competition) of the companies, catches the value created for their purposes

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  • Innovación, Industrias Culturales y Desarrollo Local

    La producción de bienes y servicios orientados a creatividad y la cultura, se sitúan entre las principales fuentes de innovación e intercambio que inciden en el desarrollo económico en el contexto global. Las industrias culturales son consideradas, precisamente, una de las formas de producción,...

  • Factores de éxito competitivo: Caso Esal Barranquilla

    Las ESAL (Entidades Sin Ánimo de Lucro) son sistemas complejos cuyas capacidades les permite participar en escenarios competitivos e incluso en escenarios en los cuales contengan entidades con fines lucrativos. Sin embargo, esto requiere de un modelo de estrategia de gestión organizacional basado...

  • Technical efficiency of the chilean AFP

    The research analyzes the degree of technical efficiency of the pension fund managers of Chile (AFP), through the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA CCR-O), efficiency measurement technique that studies the performance of productive units under a treatment multidimensional non-parametric variable. The...

  • La gerencia del mantenimiento: una revisión

    El presente artículo presenta la revisión del estado del arte de la gerencia del mantenimiento, identificando problemas enfrentados por los investigadores del tema, las metodologías aplicadas y los resultados alcanzados; se hizo una contextualización de la problemática que se está abordando dentro...

  • Article 1: Innovation in the Colombian manufacturing industry 2013-2014

    The aim of this document is to determine whether public instruments (subsidies and tax deductions) applied by Colombian Government during the period 2013-2014, contributed to create innovations (output additionality effect) or they just stimulated the absorption of innovations in the domestic or...

  • Alianza Pacifico: una perspectiva geopolítica y económica

    En 2012 se firmó entre Chile, Colombia, México y Perú el acuerdo de la Alianza del Pacífico (AP). Las razones por las cuales se creó este nuevo grupo tienen al menos dos perspectiva; la primera la geopolítica, es decir AP nace como una respuesta al denominado "giro a la izquierda" de...

  • Article 2: Objectives and operational strategic decisions as support for lean manufacturing

    The aim of this research consisted to identify coordination mechanisms among lean manufacturing tools and corporate operations strategy. The study was carried out in seven companies of the textile sector located in the Valle del Aburrá, Colombia. A case study methodology was used. The methodology...

  • Entrepreneurs with High Expectations of Growth and Economic Growth

    This article explains the impact of entrepreneurs’ expectations on countries economic growth, considering the public policies that foster the development. Using data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the World Economic Forum a descriptive analysis is done, then with the application of...

  • Article 3: Productivity and its factors: impact on organizational improvement

    This article is a reflection on the productivity in organizational processes, was prepared on the basis of the research of secondary sources associated with articles in indexed journals and the contributions made by the authors from their academic and professional experience. It analyzes the...