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  • B-meson molecules mass spectrum

    In this work, the structural properties of B-meson molecules have been calculated within the cluster model and harmonic oscillator representation method while the bound state properties have been calculated using quanto-molecular type potential, which is able to describe and calculate the mass and energy spectra of multi-cluster colored particles. From our results, the obtained mass spectra of hadron molecules show that the bonding states of meson-meson state is mainly contributed by two hadronic clusters like chemical molecule that contained two atoms. These hadronic clusters can be same and also can be different that partially formed by the meson-meson, baryon-baryon and meson-baryon. The obtained result calculations for BB-meson systems show an excellent agreement when compared with available experimental data and theoretical which have used different methods. Keywords: mass spectrum, quanto-molecular potential, BB-mesonic states, exotic states.

  • An investigation on the influence of landscape of buildings on citizens' perceptual characteristics

    The subject matter of environment and human has been among the most important arguments raised in Environmental Psychology, as expressed in macro, intermediate, and micro structures. This relationship may involve a wide spectrum of elements from a single building with its internal space to the surrounding site and finally to an entire urban structure. The influences imposed by the environment on humans and their perceptions are argued in either of three forms: determinism, libertarianism, and probabilism. The perception provides the first or say the most fundamental layer for recognition; in this respect, its precedence should be acknowledged over any other layer, e.g. cultural world layer and particularly the science world layer. One of the arenas where perception gains importance is the subject matter of urban landscape and the way it is designed to enhance cognitive perception of the audience in an attempt to raise such concepts as the sense of belonging, space cognition, and navigation. Since urban landscape can deliver, via visual senses, some information to the viewer’s mind and actuates his/her perceptions, it then can impact citizens’ perceptions of the environment, ending up with some changes in their behaviors. As such, it seems reasonable to explore such a relationship in the urban context. The present research looks for exploring the relationship and the influence of urban landscape and façade construction on citizens’ sensual and visual perceptions. For this purpose, the obtained theories and research models in this scope are subjected to content analysis and finally presented in a categorized form. Moreover, in this research, the research steps are taken by content-based classification and content analysis. Façade construction and urban walls can provide the citizens with such perceptions as the attractiveness and excitement of space, identity and sense of belonging, the amount of useful information, hidden discipline and representative flow, life on the streets, explicit delivery of function message, and urban diversity. Keywords: perception, landscape, citizens, building façade.

  • The impact of nordic socal welfare in global peace

    One of the important human needs peace and security. By studying the Nordic social welfare model with the tools of game theory, our goal is to spread peace and security in large areas of the world. In this article, the evolution of the Nordic model has been studied using the prisoner’s dilemma and the stag hunt games. In the end, we show that with this social welfare model, several percent of world peace will be established. Keywords: game theory, nordic model, prisoner’s dilemma game, stag hunt game

  • The impact of postmodernism on Sam Shepard´s plays

    In this research, we have tried to introduce the familiar components for a better understanding of new and innovative ways of writing plays by the author. As it is already regarded to the points and elements, the fundamental question arises as to “why” and “how” and with what qualities the poetry plays in the face of postmodernism and its basic components having semantic and formal qualities. These plays usually occur either in the family or about the family and collapse of this family system. In some cases, it represents the human condition of postmodernism and the present world. Shepard challenges and criticizes the family and context of this family system which gives rise to a new look at the realism and the field of dramatic literature at the end. After reviewing these issues, the components of semantic and forming postmodernism in the Sam Shepard’ plays is introduced and completely recognized. We will find the findings and achievements in this study by collecting the main approaches of this research, alongside. Then we will comment on them. The influence of postmodernism in the plays of Shepard is very visible and touchable. So, many of these factors are directly or indirectly associated with Shepard’s dramatic works. By reviewing relative familiarities with postmodernism and its components, we will understand it well. Thus, we can see them in this research for assembling the form and semantic components of postmodernism in Shepard plays, and we will be able to divide them into three broad categories. Keywords. Postmodernism, Effect, Sam Shepard, Essential Components, Shaped components, Semantic Components.

  • Determining the best interchange for Saturated Intersection with traffic lights (Case Study: Dizel Abad Intersection, Kermanshah, Iran)

    One of the main problems of metropolitan cities in traffic topics is the Intersection with traffic light. One of the weaknesses of these intersections is the creation of long queues due to left-turn movements during the peak hours of daily traffic, which reduces speed. The flow of traffic as well as the level of service decline. Therefore, optimizing cross-sectional intersections in order to reduce the delay time and production of pollutants and fuel consumption is of great importance. The purpose of this study is to examine and compare the results of converting a level crossing (case study of Dizel Abad intersection of Kermanshah, Iran) to an interchange using the Aimsun software simulator. The scenarios used in this study include the present status of the intersection of the study, Cloverleaf Interchange, semi-directional interchange, U-turn Interchange and U-Turn Interchange with a specific right-turn path, the final results show that the best interchange among considered interchange will be semi-directional interchange so this interchange will reduce around 81% in travel time and 68% in travel speed. Keywords. Intersection with traffic light, Interchange, Simulation.

  • The adsorbtion of drug anti cancer melphalane on surface boron nitride nanotubes: a DFT study

    In order to search for the interaction between Melphalane and nanotbe boron nitride is investigated using density functional theory (DFT). The structures of individual counterparts and hybrids have been optimized and the molecular properties have been evaluated. The Density of States (DOS) Plots, nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) analysisand nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) are witness to the substantial changes in the electronic properties of pristine Nanotubes boron nitride systems following the attachment of the melphalane with the nanotubes surface. Keywords. Boron Nitride, Adsorption, Melphalane, Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance, Density Functional Theory.

  • Study on environmental indices of sustainable development and their levels in metropolises of Iran

    Nowadays, sustainable development has become increasingly important to maintain sustainability of urban ecosystem despite continued growth of urbanization and population. In this regard, sustainable development aims to overcome future generations' lower abilities to meet their needs so that they will be able to benefit from natural and environmental resources as much as current generations. Considering the importance of this issue, this study investigates environmental indices in metropolises of Iran and evaluates their levels in each city. According to census of 2016, metropolises of Iran are as follows: Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Shiraz, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Qom, Kermanshah and Urmia. This study had an applied-development type and its target data was collected from Statistical Centre of Iran and Statistical Yearbooks. Factor analysis was performed as research method; and obtained results indicated significant differences in environmental indices of sustainable development in metropolises of Iran. According to results, Ahvaz, Shiraz and Urmia had highest levels of sustainable development. Keywords. Environmental indices, Sustainable development, Metropolises of Iran

  • Analysis of assessment criteria in land-use planning with an emphasis on healthcare spaces (the case study of the City of Zabol)

    Healthcare services in urban areas is directly related with progress of urban communities. These centers will play a crucial role in the process of sustainable urban development by providing services to the people. So, quantitative and qualitative assessment of healthcare services in different dimensions is essential in sustainable urban development. In this direction, setting priorities based on scientific methods can be used in solving the problems of health care services and it will have a significant role in sustainable urban development by this approach. Hence, the goal of this research is analysis of assessment criteria in land-use planning with an emphasis on healthcare spaces (the case study of the city of Zabol). For this purpose, the present situation of healthcare centers in terms of compliance with the mentioned criteria is assessed. By compatible, desirability, capacity and dependence matrixes. The research method is descriptive-analytic based on documentary and library studies and field studies. The results show that Imam Khomeini Hospital in the majority of matrixes (the adaptation, Desirability, capacity matrixes) is placed in the first rank. Keywords. Land Use, Healthcare Services, the city of Zabol, sustainable development.

  • The impact of information technology on the legal culture

    Cambios significativos en las relaciones públicas modernas, el rápido desarrollo de una variedad de redes de telecomunicaciones. La tecnología de la información tiene un impacto significativo en los procesos sociales. Esto lleva a las relaciones sociales. En el último tiempo, muchos países, incluida Rusia, incluyen su tarea, la transición a formas electrónicas de gestión, que son necesarias en la sociedad de la información. La creación de los desarrollos más recientes en el campo de las tecnologías de la información es la dirección estratégica más importante de la política estatal. El estado actual de la ley y la ley están en una interconexión difícil y poco clara con los procesos de modernización en el país. Problemas de interrelación de cultura legal y tecnologías de la información. Palabras clave: Tecnologías de la información, Internet, conciencia legal, cultura legal.

  • Active and interactive methods in the contemporary education

    En el proceso educativo, un profesor siempre está buscando formas de transferencia de conocimiento, lo que permite a los estudiantes comprenderlas de manera exhaustiva y permanente. Hoy se reconocen las formas pasivas, activas e interactivas de interacción entre el profesor y el alumno. La forma pasiva de transferencia de conocimiento es la más básica, cuando un conferenciante es la única persona que administra el proceso educativo. Esta es la forma de las conferencias clásicas, cuando el conferenciante se comunica con la audiencia sin interacción con los estudiantes sobre el tema específico. El uso de la forma pasiva es posible durante los seminarios prácticos, cuando el profesor realiza la encuesta de prueba de los estudiantes, realiza pruebas individuales. La forma pasiva es criticada como ineficaz. Se cree que el método interactivo de comunicación entre el docente y los alumnos es un tipo de método activo. Pero, en los últimos tiempos, debido a la aparición de una variedad de métodos interactivos, el método interactivo se identifica como uno independiente. La capacitación interactiva desarrolla habilidades analíticas y creativas de las personas, promueve la digestión óptima de nueva información y la retención de edad. Al usar métodos interactivos, todos los estudiantes deben participar en el proceso educativo, aportando su contribución individual. Al final del seminario, los estudiantes deben recibir orientación e información para su consideración. Cada estudiante debe darse cuenta de lo que ha aprendido, qué habilidades se han formado. Palabras clave: desarrollo social, estudiante, educación, docente, comunicación.

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