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National Government Moves In Favor Of Child Welfare

Author:Ms Maria Paula Valdes de Cubides
Profession:Parra Rodríguez & Cavelier

A final document containing the undertaking of the National Government and of Colombian individuals and entities to improve their engagement in favor of the welfare of the thousands of Colombian children was officially executed on 13 September, 2001 in Casa de NariÒo (the residence of the Colombian President).

PARRA, RODRIGUEZ & CAVELIER is proud to inform that it had the privilege to act, on a pro-bono basis, as legal counsel of INTERACCION SOCIAL in the process of negotiation of the contracts by means of which the Colombian government provides economic resources to non-profit organizations dedicated to social programs, mainly with children. The Firm is very glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this Nation-building process.

INTERACCION SOCIAL is an association of 130 non-profit organizations working for the welfare of children of low resources in Colombia.

The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ("Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar - ICBF") is the governmental entity in charge of organizing the National System of Protection, by means of which public resources are destined to social programs. To this effect, Contribution Contracts ("Contratos de Aporte") are entered into between ICBF and each of the non-profit organizations ascribed to the National System of Protection.

Traditionally, non-profit organizations had no opportunity to review the terms and conditions of the above-mentioned Contribution Contracts with ICBF notwithstanding the fact that several issues needed to be reviewed and discussed due to their importance and impact on the welfare of the children.

On March of this year INTERACCION SOCIAL opened the possibility of discussing these Contribution Agreements with ICBF.

Since that time, a working team was formed with representatives of both INTERACCION SOCIAL and the ICBF. MarÌa Paula ValdÈs de Cubides and Diana Suarez Barbosa acted on behalf of PARRA...

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