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Legal Gossip

Profession:Parra Rodríguez & Cavelier

Colombia has not yet ratified the 1948 Geneva Convention on the International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft. However, a law project by means of which this convention would be ratified by Colombia has been already studied and approved by the Ministry of Transportation and by the Air Authority and is currently being reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will most likely submit it to the Colombian Congress on the next legislative period (i.e. starting on July 20).

A telecommunications law project which main purpose is (i) the unification of current applicable regulations, and (ii) to improve market conditions to enhance competition is currently being studied by the Colombian Ministry of Communications, and should be submitted to Congress for its approval within the following days.

The Convention of Montreal of 1999 regarding air transportation and carriers' liabilities is going through its third debate in Congress and, if it were approved, Colombia would ratify this convention shortly.

The Government is planning to open a public bid process for contracting a feasibility study aimed at determining whether Rio Meta (one of the main rivers in the East of...

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