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Meeting With Clarke, Modet & Cº Colombia

Author:Clarke, Modet & Co
Profession:Clarke, Modet & Co

After allowing us to share this space, which was given to discuss important issues for the future of Colombia and generate awareness of the importance of innovation from the interior of our companies, we conclude that the technology will allow to feed all and this would be if they solve the problems of existing insecurity, where we can realize that Colombia needs possible policies, technology, R&D and tariffs that may contribute to these issues.

Another point of view is that we should support the strengths with the knowledge and to generate the need for collaboration and cooperation between governments, companies and research center and/or universities, so as to create networks of global science and ecosystems of internal and external innovation with individuals with expertise in the subject.

Colombia is a country with a great Biodiversity and with many potentials to be exploited, but still there are not had the necessary tools or the sufficient...

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