Merge-in-transit retailing: a micro-business perspective - Núm. 34, Enero 2018 - Revista Universidad & Empresa - Libros y Revistas - VLEX 699375337

Merge-in-transit retailing: a micro-business perspective

Autor:Oliverio Cruz-Mejia - Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo
Cargo:Ph.D. in Management Science, Lancaster University, UK; M. Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering, Syracuse University, USA; B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Mexico - Ph.D. in Business and Management Systems at University of Lincoln, Reino Unido (UK). Senior Lecturer in Operations and Logistics Management, and ...

This paper suggests links between postponement, mass customization and rapid fulfilment in the light of merge-in-transit retailing (MIT). The paper asserts that the value offered by MIT implementation can be exploited only if these operational strategies are well understood. An extension of this concept is explored to critically consider whether MIT is a feasible strategy in the context of micro-b... (ver resumen completo)

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