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Ministry Of Justice Regulates The Medical And Scientific Use Of Cannabis

Author:Ms Luz Adarve and Juanita Acosta

Through Resolutions 577-579, issued on August 8, 2017, the Ministry of Justice has regulated matters relating to (i) the evaluation and monitoring of licenses for the seeding and cultivation of cannabis plants, (ii) the amount of the fees for the evaluation and monitoring of licenses and (iii) the criteria for defining small and medium-sized domestic cannabis producers.

  1. Licenses to plant and cultivate cannabis plants.

Applications for a first-time license; for a recertification, modification or cancellation of an existing license; or for other extraordinary authorizations must be submitted in writing and signed by the applicant, the license holder or their legal representative. Applications for licenses must be made using the application form published on the website of the Ministry of Justice, and a hard copy of the application, including all corresponding attachments, must be filed at the offices of the Ministry of Justice. Applications may be submitted at any time, with the exception of the recertification request, which must be requested three months before expiration of the license. All applicants must prepare and submit a safety protocol that includes a risk analysis of, and. measures to guarantee, the physical and operational safety of the areas and properties intended for cultivation. 2. Follow-up to licenses

Licensees must record all movements and transactions in an Information Mechanism for Cannabis Control (MICC) and make semiannual reports on the inventory and movement of seeds and plants. 3. Licensing fees

 Type of license  SMLDV  To seed psychoactive cannabis plants  351.92  To cultivate psychoactive cannabis plants  1231.29  To grow non-psychoactive cannabis plants  420.25 The payment of the fee may be made in installments. However, once the application is filed, the application fee is non-refundable. 4. Criteria for defining small and medium-sized growers, producers and marketers of medicinal cannabis...

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