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National Database Registry Takes Effect

Author:Mr Daniel McLoon, Mauricio F. Paez, Richard J. Johnson, Jonathon Little, Kevin D. Lyles, Todd S. McClelland, Jeff Rabkin, Adam Salter, Michiru Takahashi, Undine von Diemar, Paloma Bru, Olivier Haas, Jörg Hladjk, Anand Varadarajan and Nicole M. Perry
Profession:Jones Day

On November 8, 2016, the deadline to register Colombian databases in the National Database Registry ("NDR") expired. Part of the Personal Data Protection General Regime, the NDR (source document in Spanish) serves as a public directory of all databases in the country with information about data owners, data processors, and types of data processing. The NDR imposes various sanctions, including fines, suspension of activities, and temporary and definite closure of operations, on entities that are not registered in...

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