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Public Bids For STN And STR


The Energy and Mining Planning Unit announced the public bids for the National and Regional Transmission System

On June 1st, 2017, the Energy and Mining Planning Unit (UPME) held an event to reveal and promote the projects of the National Transmission System (STN) and the Regional Transmission System (STR). In this context, UPME announced the state of implementation and methodology by which the public bids for the Expansion Plan projects (2016-2030), approved by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, will be carried out.

UPME's General Director, Jorge Alberto Valencia Marín, highlighted the entity's interest in fostering the progress and implementation of the transmission projects that comprise the Expansion Plan. To this end, he noted that, aware of the challenges and complexity identified in many of the projects, UPME has taken steps to promote a more efficient and harmonious development of projects for investors. To this extent, UPME has carried out efforts to socialize the Expansion Plan with the communities involved, the local authorities and the Regional Autonomous Corporations (Corporaciones Autonomas Regionales) to facilitate the procedures required by the investors in the achievement of the projects, such as in respect with permits and licenses.

In addition, UPME referred to the definition of the intended schedules for the public transmission bids, indicating that an ongoing scheme is being planned to involve a wider timeframe for the expected entry into operation date of the projects. This timeframe will allow the investors to perform the projects on the basis of a more realistic schedule, in line with the needs of each project.

As part of the STN and STR biddings, UPME announced, among others, the transmission projects which will enable the interconnection of renewable energy generation projects. Particularly noteworthy are the STN UPME bidding 09-2016: Líneas Copey a Cuestecitas 500kV y Copey a Fundación a 220kV; and the UPME bid Conexión Eólicas. The first project is expected to guarantee reliability in the departments of Cesar, La Guajira and Magdalena, delimiting the space provided for the connection of new solar and wind power plants. This public call is officially open. Its awarding hearing will be on June 21, 2017, and the project is expected to enter into operation on November 30, 2017.

On the other hand, with the UPME bid Conexión Eólicas, it is expected to build a 500kV Collector substation with reserve spaces for two...

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