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Resolutions 5797 & 1272 July, 2017

Author:Ms Catalina Santos Angarita and Diana Milena Monsalve
Profession:Brigard & Urrutia

Resolutions 5797 and 1272 were issued on July, 2017 creating a Special Stay Permit (herein and after "PEP") for Venezuelan citizens and establishing the procedure for its granting. A PEP holder will be authorized to exercise any legal activity or occupation in the country including those that are conducted under an employment contract.


The Special Stay Permit may be granted only to Venezuelan citizens who meet the following conditions: Being in Colombian territory on July 28, 2017. Having entered the national territory with a regular immigration status and through an authorized immigration border checkpoint. Not having national or international criminal records. Not having a current deportation or expulsion order. The PEP will not be granted to Venezuelans who entered with a border mobility card (Tarjeta de Movilidad Fronteriza). The PEP holder will be authorized to conduct any legal activity or occupation in the country, including those that are developed under an employment relationship. The PEP will be granted for a period of ninety (90) calendar days and it may be renewed automatically without filing a request, for equal periods, without exceeding a term of two (2) years. After this period, PEP holders must obtain a visa; otherwise, they will be in an irregular status. The PEP may not be extended to the discretion of the immigration authority when there is an improper use...

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